Poems information point:

Classic: 50 PLN | ~12€ (poem in Polish)

Payment: via bank transfer on account number sent in e-mail or using the PayPal system

Poem length: ~A4 page (about 4-5 verses, 4 lines each)

Deadline: about 4-5 days :)

SPECIAL TASKS: ex. first line-letters create a word, in English, extraquick service, longer poem, copyright transfer (doesn't appear on our webpage/FB), www descriptions, other texts - price agreed individually

Contact: via e-mail lirymyka@gmail.com or
on Facebook


All of the poems on that website are of my work and therefore belong to me. Any usage or presenting them as your own is against the law and common sense, as well as simply uncool, and will be hunted and punished :)


After filling in the Order A Poem form, please make a payment (you'll get bank data via e-mail). After it has entered the books, poem writing proccess starts.

Poems ordered and written are not to be subject to return. They might, however, be edited, but reluctantly ;)


If you need help editing and/or correcting your bachelor/master thesis - you're also welcome to write :)



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